Start Your Own Yard Card Rental Business For Under $1000 (e-book)

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Want to know how to start a successful yard card rental business for under $1,000? Hooray, you’re in the right place! The foundation of any great yard card display starts with your inventory and ends with technique. As a yard carder, your earning potential ultimately begins with you and your consistency. Whether your yard card displays are “Fancy Nancy’s” or “Plain Jane’s,” both will sell if they are professional-looking. 

Let's say for a 15-30 minute “Happy Birthday Display,” you can profit $85. What if you did five of those a week, for a year? That’s an extra $20,400!


💥 How to establish a yard card business 

🔥 How to buy start-up inventory for under $1,000

💥 Financing

🔥 What start-up inventory is a MUST to buy

💥 What stakes are a MUST to buy

🔥 Industry secret tips and tricks for sturdy displays

💥 Vendor's list (30 plus companies to choose from)         


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